I’m disappointed by how much I’m not into the new Peter Bjorn and John album, “Living Thing.”  I will give it another go before I throw it into the trash (that’s what I do with things that I don’t like).  Either it’s terrible or I’m just sad that I didn’t love it immediately.  Even the two amazing singles don’t sound that great anymore.  The whole thing is like a thrown-together B-sides compilation with all songs written by Liam Gallagher (which, despite my Oasis fandom, is not a cool thing).

However I’m not able to concentrate on PB&J right now because Richard bought a new stereo system and I have finally made a little dream come true and purchased Van Halen’s “1984.”  I have never been into Halen.  I was four when this album came out, and past grade school did not have interest in that sort of foolishness.  “1984” is perfect.  And it sounds awesome on the new stereo.  Van Halen!  Who knew?  Also, have you guys heard this band called the Beatles?