I had my Bachelorette Party last Saturday, and learned the following things:

– Putt-Putt on Midlothian Turnpike is still awesome

– Dance Dance Revolution is awesome (in small doses, and on a beginner’s level)

– Pepsi at Putt-Putt is awesome

– The dates wrapped in bacon at Si are delicious.

Alicia filmed a few seconds of Susan, Thara, and I dancing (or “dancing”) while we attempted to escape a Bollywood Dance night (I feel like Bollywood music needs to be celebrated at home). I have watched it a million times.  I can’t wait for future employers to see it.

It was the most fun ever.  EVER.  There was a Boyz Club reunion, my sister got to hang out, I ate a lot, and was excited to see so many of my favorite people in one evening.  And no one was murdered!  I followed the big night by eventually rolling out of bed and eating nearly an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos alone before 10 a.m.  Then I made a lot of messes and admired my own laziness, until about 2 p.m. when I panicked and had everything cleaned and lists written before Richard rolled back into town.  My friend Justin has informed me that I am a terrible bachelor.  So what!