My sister’s wedding was this weekend.  It was a success.  We were well fed, the rain held off on Saturday, and the band played two Wilco songs.  Congrats to Doug and Christie!


I helped out with the flower arrangements (which normally would be my sister’s job but she obviously had other things to worry about) and on the back of the ferns were tiny, disgusting cycles of life:


It’s naturally-occurring patterns like this that make me afraid of gardening.  How creepy is that?  It makes me want to throw up forever.  Spores!

I had a long entry I was going to write about my new life as a gardener, but the highlights so far have been admiring a grub before my mom told me it was going to ruin my yard and I had to kill it.  Followed by timidly squeezing the grub to death.  Then proudly discovering earth worms making the soil healthy, then stepping on them.   I have this crazy, beautiful orange flower that is growing in the back yard and I went to inspect one of the flowers.  It had started to decay and all these bugs fell out.  I hid in the house for a week.  Nature is gross!

Here’s hoping my jalapenos work out, though.  Chili for everyone if they do.

Here are some pictures from the wedding, held at James River State Park (which, for the record, is gorgeous):