So it’s been said (by me, probably) that once you buy a house/get married/join Costco, you immediately become boring to people who are enjoying a different sort of life.  I am the most boring person you’ll ever meet these days, and mainly because I like to garden now.

The previous owners of our house started the garden, and all I’ve done was tear out about half of it (most of it may have been useful plants) and put in a few plants and vegetables of my own.  My mom and my sister both are yard folk, and I have asked them advice and such about the garden, but I can only retain so much information.  I did follow some of my mom’s advice and put aluminum foil around the base of a few vegetables.  I may have dreamed that she told me to do that, though. I like my mom’s “one for the cutworm, one for the crow, one to grow,” saying, to which I’ve added “if it can grow two feet and not produce anything edible or beautiful, I’m going to pull it.” I have idly thought about killing squirrels.

I’m not putting in much work because I figure that it all comes down to “seed plus dirt equals plant.”  Although I can do things to increase the probability of a successful garden, like watering and witchcraft, I enjoy my ignorant approach.  I don’t want to know that I should have done something else because with my commitment to Netflix, I don’t want to give too much time to anything else.  I don’t actually have to sustain anyone with this patch.  The best I can hope is that with an hour or so each week of weeding and watering, I can grow a decent salad.

But my real favorite part of gardening is pulling weeds.  Man, they grow fast.  Weeds grow like weeds!  There’s this particular weed that grows underground like a wire, so if you get a good hold on it you can pull up a few feet of root and take out a few more plants.  It’s pretty cool.  I don’t like creating as much as I enjoy destroying.