Having a record player in the house has been the best.  At our last place we had three broken turntables between the two of us.  I had had the same one since I was eight and decided to toss it out when we moved.  I missed records!  Our new player sounds awesome.  Years ago I bought a lot of records because they were cheap and also because I was stuffing the bra of my music collection.  But now I’m grown up.  So, kudos to you, Younger Kelly, for purchasing The Monkees’ “Headquarters.”  It’s pretty good and I didn’t know it until now.

dollhouse(photo by Alicia.  I haven’t thought about the dollhouse in ages.  Now my heart hurts.  I hope whoever took it from the alley behind our old house gifted it to someone who liked it)

Other developments of note:

-The new Phoenix record is as good as everyone says.

-I have a tiny green tomato growing out back.  It made my heart swell with pride.  I created life!  Take that, God!  And mothers!  And J.J. Abrams!


-“Drag Me to Hell” was so fun.  I’m proud of you, Sam Raimi.  There was a 10 month-old-baby in the theatre with us, no joke.  He cried through a lot of it, but to be fair, he hadn’t seen “Evil Dead 2,” so really wasn’t able to appreciate where the humor was coming from.

-Richard is trying to get everyone to use “jack nugget” as the newest insult.  Try it next time you drive 95 North and see how it works for you.