Gross, it’s summer soon.  That means many things: Richard in cut-offs, Nichole prepares to leave Richmond for grad school in Pittsburgh (which is both exciting/making me miserable), and I try to fill up weekends doing incredible things since I don’t get a summer vacation.  I will celebrate the end of my third decade by going to San Francisco, but that’s months away.  Until then, I have these things to look forward to:

“True Blood” season two. Emily agreed to let us demand she have us over to watch it.  Richard and I watched so many episodes of season one in a few days.  I’m not even sure how much of the show I like.  I think it’s supposed to be funny.  Tara and Lettie Mae are my favorite.  I also like Eric a lot because the actor played my favorite character in “Generation Kill” and he sort of looks like Neil Patrick Harris, which helps me not miss “How I Met Your Mother” as much.  OH ROBIN!  trueblood31

Watching my garden grow and then later die. I love it!  I went out this morning and stared at everything I planted (plus what I’m sure are weeds but can’t remember, so I haven’t pulled them yet).  It’s crazy how much things grow during the day.  There was nothing this morning and this evening there were four more teeny tomatoes bustin’ loose off the vines.  Who has green thumbs and also two thumbs?  This girl! (imagine me pointing my thumbs at myself).

Everyone inviting me over on the weekends. Right, guys?  Brooklyn! Baltimore! Virginia Beach! Church Hill!  Call on me, and we will bring leftover wedding wine and potential good times.

Possibly finishing a book this isn’t just a Glamour magazine hidden inside of a larger book. I used to read all of the time, but now I can’t finish anything.  I am working slow and steady through “Sons of Mississippi” on my lunch break, and just a few weeks from finishing “Letters to Wendy’s”  Really all I want to do is read Toni Morrison novels and Cooks Illustrated.  I have also started to do this weird thing where instead of reading I sit in bed and stare at the ceiling with the light on.  I don’t know why.

It’ll be a long, hot summer.  I’ll be inside if you guys need me, staring at my garden with the web cam I set up (it is hot and there are bugs in the backyard).