I think it’s a side effect from watching “The Today Show” every morning and being subjected to Ryan O’Neal (though I believe that TDS only made such a stink over Farrah Fawcett because they had exclusive access to her).

I’m probably not a bad person.  But this week I have been worried that I don’t find as much joy in things as I do in the things that make fun of those things.  For instance:

The Superficial is the first place I check when I get home from work.  I like the Hater the best of all the AV Club sections.  And I actually did a Google search to make sure something like this existed:

Keep calm and carry on somewhere else.  I have to go listen to “Thriller” in my car.

I wanted to link the video for Weird Al’s “Fat” but he won’t let me.  However, I recommend you find it and listen to it.  Weird Al in the morning gets me pumped to go to work.  Ham on!