I’m overstimulated by unexpectedly being in Waynesboro on a school night.  Of note:

“The State” is both as funny and not as funny as I remembered.

I ate a chocolate ice cream in a hospital room and half a chocolate milkshake (not at a hospital, hooray).

I ate a second lunch at Jimmy John’s in Charlottesville.  Delicious!  I can’t wait until one opens near VCU and everyone gets upset.

Then my dad and I watched their cat capture and eat a frog.  This morning we saw two hummingbirds, a gopher, and a deer.

Attn: Thara and Nicole.  This is my mom’s vegetable garden.  She said, re: our humble plants and vegetables, “your gardens can suck it.”  She didn’t actually say that.  She didn’t have to.