My gardening efforts have been a failure this summer.  It may be a number of things, such as too much acid in the soil, too many hours in direct sunlight, or the squirrels taking all of the tomatoes.   I hate those jerks.  My Plan D for saving the tomatoes is to get some chicken wire to wrap around it all, but the Arby’s Weathernet has suggested that I stay inside the house today and eat cantaloupe and listen to podcasts instead of leaving the house.  At least until 8 p.m.

What has come from the garden (other than my resentment) have been jalapeno peppers!  They’re adorable.  I’ve grown enough to use, freeze, and give away, and there are still a dozen little pepper buds waiting to grow up a little.  I’m not too upset about the sickly plants and the yellow, baseball-shaped bitter cucumbers.  I’ve started a compost bin and will re-plan the back garden this fall.  I can try again next year.

I’m lucky to have a farmers’ market near me so that I can get fresh, local produce, though I end up just getting fruit and bread, and breakfast/lunch from the taco cart.  Turns out that I don’t like vegetables anyway, so you can go to hell, garden.