As an enthusiastic radio listener, there are many, many songs that I will not listen to, despite my associate’s claim that he “love this song” even though he can’t identify it.  I am not one to stop to listen to “Instant Karma” when “Band on the Run” could be starting on another station.  There are also songs I dislike for no other reason than I can hear them at any time.  Scan through your radio dial right now.  There will be Elton John.  And I never feel like listening to Elton John. I got stuck listening to some tunes that I were placed under the “gross, change it” column that I decided I loved.

Hootie and the Blowfish, “I only Wanna Be with You.”  I’m sure I originally liked this song.  I lived in 1994, too, guys.  They played H&TBF on the station I liked that also played Matthew Sweet and Liz Phair.   After a while, Hootie was just this thing that happened, that I neither liked nor disliked, except I found myself always listening to this one song.  It’s a good pop song — not any different than what R.E.M. could have written, except it involves football.  I downloaded it from itunes.  I put it on a mix CD for my sister.  I have a tattoo of Dan Marino throwing a football to Darius Rucker on my bicep.  So what?

Spencer Davis Group, “Gimme Some Lovin.'”  Some songs floating around the airwaves are so insignificant that they seem like they were written only to be used for commercials (ahem, Smashmouth) or during trailers for romantic comedies.   That is where this song fell in for me.  But one morning I decided to listen to it and it moved me so much that I thought, “YES.  THIS IS THE SONG I WANT TO HEAR RIGHT NOW.”  It was beautiful.  I, too, was so glad they made it.

The Romantics, “What I Like About You.”  One of my favorite McSweeney’s lists, now removed, was called “What I Like About You.”  Those things included: you really know how to dance; you keep me warm at night; you are whispering in my ear; and hey!  Also, my dad loves this song.  Does it actually sound any different from “My Sharona,” other than it makes me want to eat tangy New Orleans-inspired hot wings at a chain restaurant?  No.

I would also put Jet on this list, but I don’t like “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” because of the radio, only because it’s my favorite Taiko Drum Master song.  Otherwise I think they kind of suck, though I did like Chuck Klosterman’s telling of his interview with Jeff Tweedy when Tweedy tells him that his son has a Jet cover band.  After Klosterman scoffs at the idea, Tweedy asks, “You don’t like rock music?”  And although he backed down a little and decided maybe Jet wasn’t that bad, I think we all agree that they are (I’m paraphrasing here, since I can’t locate the book right now).

Those are the songs I have so far.  When I get turned by 12 more songs then I will put them all on a CD, mail them to everyone I love, and quietly walk into the woods and die under a pile of leaves.  Hey!