We have been gifted a Roku, with which we can watch our instant Netflix queue through our TV.  This means two things: we watch A LOT of TV reruns now, and I have no interest in our regular Netflix queue. Actually, it means a third thing: I have no interest in anything else other than occasionally turning compost or making dinner.*  Managing Netflix Classic has been an epic battle of good v. evil — the evil being that it sucks up a lot of social/productive time slots, but with only three discs at a time I could occasionally do other things like get married and maintain healthy friendships with other Netflix users.

Now with Netflix Total I have the opportunity to suck all of my time with all sorts of TV shows, movies, documentaries.  I can watch “1776” and all seasons of “Kate and Allie” — there were 20 of them!  Evil wins!  Hooray!

My near constant viewing of “the Office” during my leisure time will lead to a book-length essay on giving up on career goals for the sake of office pranks/ease/Jim. I think the Jim/Pam dynamic says a lot about how we let aspirations fade away as we find someone we can connect with.  That’s how I feel about Roku.  And by “book-length essay” I mean “sentence in a blog post.”

Also, Steve Carell lost approximately 100 pounds between seasons one and two.  the-office-cast_1238002190

*turning compost is potentially gross, and I found a grub that was the size of my arm slowly poking out after I had flipped the compost bin.  It appeared angry.  Nature works in horrible, vomit-inspiring ways.