I’m going to start a new bjournal of reviews of movies that Richard watches that I don’t want to see but end up listening to while I’m in the kitchen or dining room doing something else.  All of these movies tend to star either Will Smith or Jason Statham (have they been in a movie together?  And is it called “KELLY DON’T RENT THIS”?).

Spoiler alert, but probably  not:

Seven Pounds: This is a movie about Will Smith yelling at a blind guy, but I don’t know if it’s because he’s a jerk or if he’s trying to justify killing himself and giving his corneas to Woody Harrelson.  Also it sounds like the guy who plays Abed on “Community” is in one of the scenes, but Richard said that he wasn’t.  When I walked into the living room Rosario Dawson was wearing a cute dress but looked really yellow, so maybe she had a liver condition.  The movie isn’t over yet, but I bet he doesn’t have the guts to kill himself.  Seven pounds of organs!  Gross, just in time for Halloween.

Also, Milhouse:


The movie finished.  He died.