Happy New Year, everybody!  Our celebration was quiet and delicious.  I showed off some kitchen gadgets, and using teamwork Richard, Nichole, Jenny & I made fresh pasta, along with bread and salad (I have decided that this year I am going to be obnoxious in my self-sustainability when it comes to food for my home and next New Year’s I will have made all of the grains and have hand-fed the grass to the cow that provided butter for the table.  My goal is to be like my Aunt Jean who bakes her bread, raises her own chickens, has had bees, and this year raised turkeys).  The evening took a weird turn when my associate and I attempted to keep quiet about the dog blood* that’s on every wall.  But once Richard brought it up, he and I couldn’t stop talking about it, and then pointing it out.  Our guests looked disturbed.

I did actually think about what were the best things of the Aughts, and although the first couple of years of the past decade were duds, it ended well.  So, here are my best things (in no order)(except Netflix is #1): My associate & roommate; buying a house; Netflix (which I only got because I kept buying shitty copies of Bollywood DVDs and it was just cheaper to get Netflix and rent them.  This entry also includes my appreciation for musicals and the few months that it looked like “Sound On!” — our musical that somehow managed to involve about 25 other Richmonders — was going to happen); my cat Milhouse (I got her in Dec. of 2000.  We are aging at the same rate); Cooking to Fill the Void (I’m going to throw in my constant chum/Christmas II/getting a KitchenAid into this one)(though as it turns out the food processor is just as useful as a mixer); and going to Spain, England, and Greece.  Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” gets to be the best album.  Good decade, everyone!  Thanks for having me.

I don’t do resolutions because I dare you to find one thing about me that needs to be improved.  But I will try to be better about seeing shows.  Two concerts happened in Richmond this year that I really wanted to see and then failed to go to.   I still feel guilty.  So when I see a show come up, I’m going to buy tickets immediately, like I did with Elvis Costello.  Sorry Sharon Jones & Gaslight Anthem.

*We occasionally stab our dog.  Ok, not really.  Since we have had her she’s had a cut on her ear that can’t be bandaged or, as it turns out, healed, and when she shakes her head it splatters dog blood sometimes.  We have been good about washing it off the walls, but she seems to have gone nuts and it has shown up in the strangest places.  She doesn’t seem to care.

p.s. — Oh no!  Conflict.  Badly Drawn Boy’s “Hour Of Bewilderbeast” came out in 2000.  I love that album more than anything . . . but the honor still goes to Wilco because they only make good albums (four this past decade) and BDB has only made one.  Also the honor doesn’t actually matter.