I spent some time today at Ben Franklin Crafts getting the painting of our dog framed (I know — I can’t believe that I had this commissioned, either, but what are you going to do?).  When I was in middle school I really liked craft fairs and making stuff, and just assumed that it was something that young girls liked that went dormant until middle age because I spent the last 18 years not noticing handmade home decor or having any interest in making anything that I couldn’t eat.

I’m old now, as proven by many things (that I read the Ukrop’s weekly online, purchased a Michael Buble song on iTunes, considered Christmas-related hand towels, and have grandchildren), so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that I felt the urge to decorate based on the season and then purchase a bunch of bird prints.  And then puffy paint my couch.  Ugh, that store is adorable.  I can’t believe that a modestly-sized retail space could have both Bob Marley posters and leprechaun yard flags.  I wanted neither of those things, but, still.