As if They Might Be Giants, Elvis Costello, and Wilco aren’t enough (a decision to see Spoon is still pending), now we’re getting the National back for two shows.   I’ll have to save my pennies to pay for the amazing shows that are headed our way.  Or, it’s the shows I can afford, but it’s the Ticketmaster fees that make it seem like a concert costs too much.  I wanted to avoid a rant about how much I continue to dislike Ticketmaster and don’t understand why it can charge 30% on top of the ticket price.  I even tried to better inform myself about what Ticketmaster actually does and came up with an image of a monkey holding out the empty pockets in its pants.  It’s hard to believe that in an age of convenience a third party really does that much.   Anyway, suck it Ticketmaster.  Everyone hates you.  The Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger was approved today.

In other news, Bunk’s bleeding ear is all bandaged up.  Hopefully she’s on her way to recovery.  Since I have three pets who eliminate all manner of waste on any surface they choose, I can say from experience that dog blood is the easiest to clean.

p.s.  — I have been on the Internet for e-ages (like, four minutes) trying to find the answer to what service Ticketmaster actually provides and I still don’t know. Or, I guess I know what they do, I just don’t know why a venue needs them to do it, or why the cost is passed to the consumer.