New this week:

-How have I never looked at Apartment Therapy before?  And how can I get featured?  My plan is to paint one wall in my living room bright green, stencil a bird pattern on it using an overhead projector, then hang a car door repurposed as a message board holding up photo booth strips of my husband and myself.  And most photos on the site include a dog.  I got one of those. I’m in!

-I learned that my brother thinks of me as “goth” and my sister as a ‘hippie.”  What?  He did clarify that I was like a “new wave” goth.

-I was lucky enough to be out of town during last month’s storm.  I don’t believe in snow storms, but I am prepared to not leave my house for four days.  I don’t care if the weather will actually be 70 degrees and bluebirds will be shooting fresh flowers out of their eyes.  I’m sitting under four blankets next to a space heater no matter what.