What the crap, snow? Before last weekend my daffodils were coming up for an earlier-than-normal bloom but now winter has dumped all over the place.  So they’re dead now, thanks (however when some of the snow melted the other day I could see that the giant dandelion patches and those weird onion weeds were still alive, go figure).

February is dead to me.  I am only hanging around so that I can work on my garden in March.  I have “plant Spinach” in my planner for the first week of March (not because I need to remind myself but because I had a lot of free time while at work and writing “plant spinach” gave me something to do).  My mom & I are taking turns helping each other in our gardens.  Though my mom is sure to be more useful to me than I will be to her, unless it actually is helpful for someone to talk really fast about the dynamics in “the Office” and tell pointless anecdotes about other people’s children.  In that case I am super helpful.

This is what my garden will look like in April