I have had the David Wallace-penned “Suck it” jingle stuck in my head since last week’s episode of “The Office” (or rather, it was a misremembered version that turned out to be a White Stripes song), but AP has kindly found and posted the song so that I can sing along to the real thing.  Thanks, Pal!

Burgerphone has been nominated as a “best kept secret” on the RVA News Internetties!  The Internet Awards is kind of like the Oscars except not in any way at all.  I’m only nominated thanks to Susan.  I can’t help that my BFF is my biggest fan.  I don’t imagine that my bjournal is interesting to anyone who doesn’t like stories about dog blood or me, but vote for me anyway to boost my spirits.

A three-day weekend is ahead, and may not include snow but might include Richard making corned beef,  an SRK movie in theaters, and the Olympics.  I’m glad that the Olympics is in Canada, so the Today show won’t have any reason to get Bon Jovi to perform.