Internet access at work has been revised and a lot of my favorite sites have been blocked.  I feel personally responsible.  I knew that our usage was monitored and studied and reported and then blocked, but that didn’t stop me from checking all of my pal’s blogs 40 times a day. Oh well.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have done a lot of what I did at work, such as multiple online searches for “silent choking.”

Anyway, now during my downtime* I have written an outline for a British miniseries.  Recently Susan and I watched “North and South,” which was predictable but at least was about unions like my other favorite British miniseries, “Newsies.”  I’m calling it “Hartlepool Station,” and all I have so far is that it’s about two people.  She is prideful and raven-haired and he is played by an actor who was previously not considered handsome.  Maybe I’ll flip the script and neither of them will have or want for money and no one dies suddenly of things like “furrowed brow” and “surprise.”  I’m hooked already!  I wonder if they will get together in the end?

They will.

*I hope that if my coworkers ever stumbled upon this that they know that I don’t actually sit around doing these things.  I feel weird even mentioning work.  Don’t fire me.