I learned two interesting things about Tetris this week.  Thing 1, the music to Tetris is actually the music to a Russian folk song about a traveling salesman.  Thing 2, I can play Tetris online for free!  I can’t believe I have had internet for this long and have never thought to look up Tetris (the website is tetrisfriends.com).  Whenever I feel the dull ache of life I just set up some Tetris 1989 and skillfully yet barely move my fingers to victory.

In related news, remember that episode of “The Simpsons” when Homer finally got to use his years of Tetris to repack their station wagon to fit a new purchase?  I had that same feeling when my friend Nila had questions about the sequence of “the Office” and what things she missed by watching episodes out of order.  My fall 2009 spent watching every episode of “the Office” was finally validated.  I hope to someday come to the rescue through Tetris.  Or my master’s degree.

Also, when I find myself thinking “woe is me” or “only in my life” things I for some reason add the words “Tyler Perry” in front of them.  For instance, “Tyler Perry’s Why Do I Have So Many Pets?,” or “Tyler Perry’s I Keep Forgetting to Remove the Pizza Stone from the Oven Before Preheating It.”  I have not actually seen a TP play/movie so I don’t know that these are relevant associations.