This weekend I started Garden 2010.  I cleaned up the front yard and planted a few flowers and a blackberry bush.  We’ll see how it all goes.  I also dug up two cutworms.  I couldn’t bring myself to smoosh them with my gloved hands but I did step on one.  The other somehow managed to escape.  I will find it and hopefully later in the spring I’ll have the courage to kill on site.  Also I pulled out a lot of those onion weeds (why are they weeds, anyway?  How are they different from scallions?  I’ll let someone else cook and eat them first) and when they grow clumped together and a dozen little onions are pulled out with dirt and earthworms clinging to it all, it’s really something gross.  I feel like saving the earthworms from a pile of weeds is the same thing as rescuing your high daughter from a crack den.  Both are equally disturbing, anyway.

Happy Gardening, everyone.  I feel like a pro this year, although looking back Garden 2009 was a big fail other than peppers.

(I know this isn’t impressive now, but picture what it’ll look like in two months when it’s covered in flowers, and unicorns are picking the blackberries and placing them in baskets woven from a fallen cedar branch.  All thanks to Lowes!)