One of my favorite features on Netflix is the friends section, although it’s always taken way too long to load.  It will load no more, as it’s being phased out in the next few months so jerks like me can better watch BBC sitcoms instantly.  According to the Netflix blog, less than 2% of Netflix users use the friend features, which includes seeing your pals’ queues and ratings and notes.  I have always been iffy about other Netflix user ratings, but I have trusted my friends (even if I would rent something they didn’t like just because we tend to have opposite views).

I admit that on slower days at work I have sifted through nearly 6 years of Netflix friends’ movie notes.  The reviews made it easy to remember where we were at those points in our lives, and also see how many people I know who add “YOU GUYS” in every written sentence (three).  I guess this also means there will be no new notes for me to write.  I had trained myself to think of my star-rating and brief review during every movie or TV show I have watched in the last few years.  Kind of makes watching movies not worth it anymore.

And although I live in the same city as most of my Netflix friends, I feel that this is probably the right time to sever ties with you all in real life and start anew, maybe as someone who likes sports or network TV dramas.  Bye, guys.