The Internet.  I have used you to rediscover so many things, and have marveled at how easy it is to find even the most obscure video/commercial/image.  But it wasn’t until I found this link through a link through a link that I realized Louis Theroux has no real presence online.  Other than low-quality clips and fan pages and links (but even I have those).  No official website, Facebook page, Netflix listing (though I suppose the BBC-uploaded videos on You Tube count, he probably works there now).  He had a show called “Weird Weekends” on cable years ago that was really good.  It was sort of like “This American Life,” but presented by a British documentarian.  He might still have it.  I DON’T KNOW.  It would require more than 40 seconds of internetting to get the real scoop, and who has time for that?

This clip is especially enjoyable to watch if you’ve ever stared at disbelief at a No Limit album cover.  The first link is a documentary he made about the Westboro Baptist Church, which is as fascinating to watch as it is infuriating.  Those jokers make Ken Cuccinelli look like ThoroughlyModern Millie.

A fun fact (if Wikipedia can be known for facts): he is cousins with actor Justin Theroux, who is best known for my associate’s inability to remember who he is despite the fact that at some point he was in multiple shows/movies that we watched recently.