My mom & I just finished a 36-hour shift reworking my garden (most of that time was spent at Ukrop’s and also in the house not doing anything in the garden).  However, after a long day of digging, planting, and fertilizing, behold, my garden:

Amazing, isn’t it?

Ok, fine.  That’s Lewis Ginter.  But we did a crapton of work in my front & backyard, and I killed dozens of cutworms.  I was going to take a picture of the pile I made of cutworms but then I smooshed them with my shoes.  I got brave enough to kill one with my gloved hands but the guts splattered on my forehead.  Gardening is beautiful.

So, here is a before and after of my back garden, which will soon be so pretty you will be like, “Kelly, can I rent your mom?”  No.

After years of weeding:

I spent most of my day grabbing iris bulbs from the dog’s mouth while my mom did all of the real work.  I thought that people who submitted photos of their homes to design blogs were just being cute by putting their animals in the pictures, but I cannot take a photo without Bunk popping up.  She just always manages to be where I’m pointing the camera.  She’s even managed to Photoshop her head onto old photos of the cats.