I had a bunch of info to share but after a hot return to Richmond where the temperature is 450 degrees all I can think about are two things: water crackers and Zazz sparkling water — both of which I recently had at a dinner party and have been consuming nonstop the second I stocked up on them.

I just came back from a wedding weekend plus vacation.  The wedding was in the Colorado mountains (which is so pretty it’s stupid) where a supportive wedding party battled wind to move an outdoor event indoors & a good time was had by all.  Also, I got to carry a cool stainless steel bouquet.  And hang out with Gerowskis I generally don’t see unless they get married.  I met up with Richard and went to Albuquerque to visit a pal & her family.  The rest of the week was a breeze, except that I am sadly allergic to New Mexico and sneezed and coughed the entire time.

The Roadfood.com recommendations were hit and miss.  Powdrells BBQ was just okay.  The Frontier was pretty good.  However, the carnitas and tamales at Roque’s (a food cart on the Santa Fe plaza) were amazing, as was the Frito Pie in the Five and Dime across the street.  We also had the best Chinese food buffet ever at Lin’s in ABQ.  Buffets stress me out.  I want to eat until I die, but we had to leave to see a movie.

Also, my pal has the sweetest, most adorable family, especially her two-year-old, who I am convinced is a child genius OR other two-year-olds are idiots.  I expected someone her age to just be farting around and shouting two-word sentences, but she was sharp, conversational, could count up to 17 and skip to 20 like she was born to do it.  Also at one point she grabbed my hand and said “you’re beautiful, Kelly.”  How does that not make anyone run out and get pregnant with octuplets? 

I will leave you with my impression of Sex & the City 2, which we saw in a surprisingly crowded for noon on Thursday theater in New Mexico that included at least two babies and at least 3 people (us) who were disappointed:

Four women sit poolside wearing what appear to be drapes and scream genitalia-related puns at each other while someone shoots them all in the faces with sparkly accessories.  The women stop talking, take sips of their drinks, and one says, “Ladies, something about feminism.”  Then they are peed on by a soccer team, dried off with towels trimmed in fur, and then another adds, “It’s hard to be a mom.”  They eat a bowl of thousand dollar bills and make offhanded comments about the economy as if it’s a restaurant they went to that switched chefs.

It was a really good show, though.