My associate and I made a quick trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend (please note that Pittsburgh is not a quick trip kind of place) to visit best pals.  What a great city!  I hadn’t been before.  It seems like the type of city that you could visit a dozen times and find something different to do each time.  Apparently there is a football team from there? And you can’t have a couch on your front porch because that football team compels you to set it on fire (that’s a law).

We had an action-packed Saturday.  The four of us went to the Strip district to the markets.  It was a United Nations of grocery stores, but mostly Italian.  We ate disappointing pastries but it was fun to be there.  Then we went to the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh, which is incredibly beautiful and seems strange to me that 19 year-olds are allowed to take their bags of Doritos and smart phones in there.  It should be sacred and unused, like all other beautiful things.  But it isn’t, which is also awesome.

Some rooms are sponsored by different countries and are used as normal classrooms (however uncomfortable the seats are).  Here’s Austria:

And that is my report on the Cathedral of Learning.

After lunch, this happened!

This is in front of the TV station where “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” was filmed.  There are a bunch of other dinosaurs but this was one of the few that we saw.  After some record shopping at Jerry’s (where I was oddly enough the only person to find something) we took naps for a million years and then enjoyed a dinner at a Portuguese restaurant.  Nichole won dinner for 4 in a raffle.  The amount to be used was up for interpretation so we went nuts (for us) and it was very good.  After dinner we rode the hillside trolley down to the river and I talked about getting murdered.  Everyone had fun.

We’re visiting all of the people we can in the next few months, so you’re on notice, Baltimore and Brooklyn.  Baltimore get your Berger cookies out, and Brooklyn, you do something, too.  I’m not sure what that needs to be yet.  We can’t stay in Brooklyn for too long because I hear that if you’re there for more than three days you get placed into a band and I don’t have time for that.

Other news:

Garden!  I pulled a tomato today so unlike last year I will get to enjoy at least one.  You guys should see how giant my garden has grown, with green tomatoes and little squashes all over the place.  It’s too big to fail!  I still partially expect for squirrels to steal the rest of my haul, but I’m happy that I’ve been able to enjoy two weeks of green beans at least. I plan to can or freeze extra tomatoes, but since I tend to eat half of what I pick before I get to the back door I’m not sure how realistic that plan is.