We’re approaching a year with Bunk.  If anyone has never been a dog person and is contemplating giving in and letting your partner get a dog, please consult me and I can give you my pamphlet on dog care, “It’s Okay to want to choke your new pet, but you probably shouldn’t.”

I love our dog.  I wouldn’t say I’m a dog person yet, but I definitely am fond of her and am less likely to try and give her away like I am trying to do with our cats.  She is fun, and although she sometimes backtracks and forgets her manners, it’s neat that dogs can be taught to do things (like “back up” and “attack”).  So whatever scraps she gets into we can just work with her.

Bunk still amazes me, and not because she’s so smart.  We had a fancy six-foot privacy fence built to keep her in and she has recently jumped it.  She still gets upset and emotional when she sees squirrels on walks, which is getting tiresome after a year on constant work on that, but it probably doesn’t help that I pretend they’re killing me all the time.  The other thing is that she goes Marmaduke sometimes and eats slippers and shoes.  How cliche.  Of course, our cat Ely is constantly hogging giants pans of lasagna, so I guess some pet stereotypes are true.

Here’s to our first year together, Bunk.  I hope we have at least four more (that’s how long dogs live, right?).