I’m pregnant  — did Internet know that?  I’m also weird about our pending child having an online profile, but I fully anticipate that no matter what precautions I take the kid’s grandparents will excitedly post his/her social security number on Facebook along with bathtub pics (don’t ask me how they will get that info).  I thought I might give Lil’ Burgerphone a nickname to refer to when posting (Slider!  Jr. Associate!), but now I have a feeling that I won’t have time to bjournal, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

There are two things I like to read the most during pregnant times.  One is (of course) “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” which is awesomely informative and so far has answered all questions.  The other is babycenter.com, which is also awesome and answers questions that I will never have, like “my mom keeps saying she’s going to take my newborn to live with her, what do I do?”  I like that I’m getting diaper recommendations from the same website that has juicy crazy family problems on it.

I’m due in November, and I spend 80% of my time thinking about baby clothes and the other 80% of my time thinking about how I can get my daily protein requirements. According to “WTEWYE” I just need to have three things from this list each day:

– 3 8 oz. glasses of milk

– 2 c. yogurt

-4 large whole eggs

-7 large egg whites

-1/2 c. ground flaxseed (half serving)

-4 slices whole grain bread (half serving)

-2 c. whole grain cereal (half serving)

What?  Who eats like that when not training for the Olympics? I guess our baby will be a weakling because I can only eat 6 egg whites and a glass of milk in one sitting.  It’s never been clear to me what a well-rounded pregnancy diet needs to look like, but the protein list scares me a little.

But then I see this and could eat a million eggs:

Dwell Studio for Target