I now understand when people say that having a dog prepares you for parenthood.  I’m ready.  I am used to never having nice things (this is mostly the cats’ fault), the strain on the budget, waking up in the middle of the night, scheduling, and tuition (due to a miscommunication, Bunk attends a Montessori school in Chesterfield County).  Now that we have our birth plan down (silent birth in the woods behind a farmers’ market), we just need to get the dog ready.

Most new parents say that their dogs adjust beautifully, but Bunk treats everyone as if she’s me in 1989 and the world is Donnie Wahlberg.  She just gets so excited and I don’t trust that she won’t knock me over, trample the baby, and then eat three receiving blankets.  The best-case scenario is that we do right in training her.  First we’re working on “stay,” then a settle command, then “don’t eat three receiving blankets.”

Of course top priority is redecorating her room. I’m no Young House Love, but I’m pretty proud of our room makeover for her.


$439 later:

This is what the baby’s room looks like:

And finally, a teddy bear made from placenta (hit image for link):

We can get together and barf about it later.