Nothing is as motivating as having parenthood on the horizon. It’s like part of us is dying, but in the most pleasant way possible.  My associate and I are crossing things off a “to do before baby” list, and although pleasant, a lot of these things are taking place of Sunday naps.

Recent accomplishments include:

–  A trip to the Ukrainian meat market in Lower Manhattan.  The butcher has another name, but all I remember is the MEAT MARKET sign and piles of sausage.  Richard didn’t get 32 lbs of kielbasa, but only because they didn’t have that much.  I spent the entire visit trying to think of good Ukrainian jokes, but all I really know about them as a people is that they appear to have a great selection of mustard and like Swiss chocolate, and I learned that just by waiting in the store.

– My pants have been unbuttoned for four months.

– Visited pals in Brooklyn.  Thanks A & B!  You’re excellent hosts and your home is beautiful.  I hadn’t been to Brooklyn before.  The neighborhoods we stomped around were really nice.  And people offered me seats on the Subway.* I immediately bought a fedora and a romper upon return to Richmond so that people can admire my Brooklyn style (just kidding — but I did immediately eat an entire bag of Temptation trail mix from Trader Joe’s as we drove away from the place we were staying).

-We’re in the process of watching Bunk slowly eat a tiny painting.  It’s weird that I made that a goal of things to do before I had a baby, but I guess I have done so much with my life that I don’t have much else to do.

– Discussions are ongoing, but we’re also in the process of figuring out how the most popular child’s toy (according to is not actually a dog toy.

Babies = dogs.

Still so many things to accomplish before November, including:

– Finish first draft of my novel.  This is a real thing!  And I’m so close!

– DC, Baltimore visits.  One is already planned and involves Superchunk.  The other is unplanned but would involve  Bergers and crab cakes, of course.

– Have the people over for dinner that we have been saying we’ll invite but still haven’t (I’m looking at you, uh, everyone).

But, honestly, at this stage, just a Sunday nap looks pretty good to me.

*I feel like I’m saying everything wrong — is it called a subway?  Is is called lower Manhattan?  Is New York Pizza really just pizza that you can get anywhere but just say it’s like what you get in New York?  Did New York-style pizza marketing happen before a New York-style of pizza was invented?  I DON’T KNOW.