I have written a play about my three pets as roommates based on their general morning interactions.  There’s Milhouse, the 10-year-old who stays in her bed for so long that I occasionally poke her to make sure she’s not dead.  Ely has attention-seeking behaviors that causes everyone to ignore him.  And Bunk, the dog, just put your cell phone in her mouth. Go get it.

Here is the first and only scene (they don’t do much more than this):

Interior: Dining room

Two humans eat breakfast.  Milhouse sits in her cat bed by the window.  Ely stands up to put his paws on the chair where the bed sits.  Sensing movement in the house, Bunk runs into the room and barks.  Milhouse hisses at both.

Milhouse: Why are you on my bed?

Ely: Why am I on your bed?


The end.

(we’re talking to Neil Patrick Harris about playing the part of Ely).