The AV Club is one of my favorite websites because it reviews/interviews things and people that I’m interested in and provides that bit of snarkiness that I’m trying not to project firsthand.  Also, the newswire updates brighten my day and Sean O’Neal is my favorite writer on the site — way better than that Nathan Rabin, who needs an editor and less regular columns.

The one thing about the AV Club that gets to me — other than the typos (which I’m not claiming to not have from time to time, but I’m also not being paid or nationally recognized) — is the comments section.  Just look through any of them and you’ll see that generally the content in the comments has nothing to do with the article.  It’s so bizarre to me that a website that is in tune to most of the things that I’m into pop-culture wise (the person who reviews “How I Met Your Mother” for TV Club is basically reading straight from my diary, where I also review HIMYM) is a dumbass-magnet.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt compelled to comment on any of those articles, but I can’t imagine what the people who do manage to post the worst things I’ve ever read are possibly thinking.  I guess they think they’re funny?  I can’t bring myself to read through them long enough to see if something relevant accidentally happens.  If I were to ever go back to school I would write a paper about comment culture.  OR I bet someone else has written it and I will bookmark it online and not read it.

Not all of the article comments have that same movie quote/disgusting insult thread.  The review of Fran Healy’s album actually had people commenting on how much they liked Travis.  Although I don’t buy new music anymore (unless the Beyonce album this past February counts) I kind of want the album because of the cover.  How ’70s does he look?  Or, more accurately, he looks like an artist who was big in the ’70s and this is his pretty okay 1984 release.