I probably won’t have time to mention this next month, but November marks the fifth anniversary of this blog, which is surely some sort of Internet record.  It’s especially remarkable to me because I could have sworn that people didn’t use the Internet five years ago.  My memories of 2005 involve communicating by shouting downstairs from my apartment to Susan to ask about Doritos, and screening calls on my landline telephone.  Though when I think about it some more I do remember e-mailing, cell phones, and Googling photos of Bollywood movie stars and printing them off on my modern dot-matrix printing machine.

I started Burgerphone with the intention of it being a cooking/eating blog, but it transformed to a “things that I do when I should be working on my graduate school homework” blog to the “I’m covered in cats and dog and I eat a lot on the weekends” bjournal that America celebrates today.

Burgerphone has been a detailed account of passions and pursuits of causes and issues that are important to me and people of my generation.  Things like, uh, recycling, constitutional rights, reform, causes and pursuits, being green, social networking.  Ok, none of that is true.  It’s been a self-centered platform about Netflix and music and food and friends and buying houses and making babies and going on vacations.  So, happy anniversary to me, and I hope to see you in five more years when I might have more babies, Netflix will stream instantly to my dreams, and my dog will no longer jump a six-foot privacy fence.

p.s. – “Burgerphone” was what a pal of mine called the phone line I should call when I felt like getting a cheeseburger.  I ate a lot of cheeseburgers back then.  I now only eat them occasionally, but I have recently been writing fan fiction about Chic-fil-a sandwiches, which doesn’t make me seem like I’m any healthier.  I love them so much.

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