November 2010


“Community’ claymation Christmas special!

No one told me how much television I would watch during the first few weeks of my child’s life.  Of course, my baby guide book was written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and throwing a pig’s bladder was still the only form of entertainment back when she was raising her daughter (because “Two and a Half Men” was the only show on in the late 1800s).  I have watched hours of “Newsradio,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Community,” ” How I Met Your Mother,” “Parenthood,” and various other shows available instantly on Netflix.

I’m not neglecting any parental duties.  Originally Toast was only awake long enough to eat, look around, remember that she didn’t know how to do anything yet, and fall back asleep.  Now she’s awake a few hours a day other than feeding, and I try to cut back on TV during that time.  I still need to wean myself from using my fancy phone too much in her awake moments.  I originally got it so that I could Internet during my lunch break when I go back to work and therefore have more time to spend on her when I got home.  I would hate for her first memory of me to be me checking Facebook on a telephone.

One of the best things I’ve gotten from TV in the recent weeks is the quote “I’m going to slit your butts’ throats,” as said by Pierce on “Community.”  I find that it’s appropriate to say to the animals because it both seems harmless since I’m quoting, but also is passive aggressive and lets them know that I still sort of want them all to accidentally run away.*

Also, I can sometimes pick up a channel called “Cool TV” (it’s 35.3 or something) via antenna that only plays crappy music videos.  Weird!  It’s like back in my early 20s when for some reason MTV2 was available on regular TV in certain areas in Richmond.

*Dear Associate, I really don’t want this to happen, but in my new-mom state there are only three things that I’m interested in keeping alive, and all of these things are furless.

UPDATE: I originally started this post with the intention of denying NBC’s claim that Bon Jovi is the most popular musical group ever.  I know they apparently own part of the band since the Jovi was artist in residence last year (a gimmick that they seem to already be done with?), but it seems that the Today Show’s shameless adoration of the band is like something that Jack Donaghy would cook up as an act of synergy.  Maybe they are still super popular, in American even.  I don’t know.  I buy one album a year, so clearly I’m not on top of things.

I didn’t finish the novels — the one I was reading and the one I was writing.  I didn’t get to make the pumpkin breakfast rolls.  I didn’t visit Baltimore again.  I didn’t finish “Glee” on DVD (though — should I?  The show is pretty stupid but I want to know what happens).  I didn’t get to complete much or any of the resume boosters that I was trying to do.  Because something else happened 9 days early.  Guess I’ll push these things back to “things to do before kid #2.

taken by ck.

Welcome to the world, Toast.  I’m sorry I couldn’t save you from existing online before we were already out of the hospital.  But I won’t give you whooping cough, which is probably more important.

On a more sentimental note, my baby is already making a grunt and face as if she’s on her deathbed and a ghost from her past is hovering above her.  I thought that didn’t happen until 4-6 weeks?