I didn’t finish the novels — the one I was reading and the one I was writing.  I didn’t get to make the pumpkin breakfast rolls.  I didn’t visit Baltimore again.  I didn’t finish “Glee” on DVD (though — should I?  The show is pretty stupid but I want to know what happens).  I didn’t get to complete much or any of the resume boosters that I was trying to do.  Because something else happened 9 days early.  Guess I’ll push these things back to “things to do before kid #2.

taken by ck.

Welcome to the world, Toast.  I’m sorry I couldn’t save you from existing online before we were already out of the hospital.  But I won’t give you whooping cough, which is probably more important.

On a more sentimental note, my baby is already making a grunt and face as if she’s on her deathbed and a ghost from her past is hovering above her.  I thought that didn’t happen until 4-6 weeks?