I have one week left at home before heading back to work.  I’m trying not to feel too miserable about it  — not because of work, but because I’ve been holding a baby for almost nine weeks now and my arms are going to feel so weird being empty for 9 hours straight and my heart is going to hurt every time I realize that I have an aged PC in front of me and not the bright eyes of the child I birthed.

Everyone said that maternity leave goes by so quickly.  My time off has felt like ages, especially when I think about all that happened.  Being at work feels like it was years ago.  I don’t even remember how to hate Mondays or coffee breaks or TGIF or gas prices.  Or whatever it is that goes on at a workplace.  It makes me laugh when I think about all that Pregnant Kelly thought that she would accomplish while on leave.  It’s taken me three weeks to type this paragraph.  There would have been no way I could have finished anything noteworthy that didn’t involve keeping a baby alive and well.

I will rush through some best of stuff from this year (although the older I get the dumber I think compiling best of lists is, as if it really matters.  Can you even remember your favorite movie of 2006?).  Here goes: anything Jason Sudekis did on “SNL” (which I watched 1,000 episodes of on Netflix); “Community;” the Love Language “Libraries” album; Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra LP (I got it as my 4th of July present); the Mexican pulled pork/tinga that Richard makes is the best food from the year (from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe); visiting pals in New Mexico;  and the best people are all the people I know who were kind and generous to my family during my pregnancy and after.  People did things for us that were beyond what I expected, from little gifts to watching our daughter during an emergency.  I look forward to passing on that kindness to the next pregnant lady I know.  And, seriously, everyone does this for people with new babies, but bringing a meal over is really the best thing one can do.  There wasn’t anything that we didn’t enjoy eating and I don’t think we did anything more than reheat for almost a month.  Oh, and I also liked the movie “Ponyo,” but I think that came out in the US last year.