I went back to work after 10 weeks of testing Hulu Plus and caring for a newborn baby.  Thoughts: Hulu Plus still has commercials and a lot of glitches but we’ve watched many enjoyable shows on it through Roku (the same device that we use to stream Netflix through the TV).  Televised high fives to my new favorite shows “Modern Family,”  “Cougartown,” and “Raising Hope.”  Oh, and the baby’s cool, too.

Life is at its new normal.  We’re up a little earlier and the evenings are packed with taking care of lots of little things.  My new demands have cut into my spare time dramatically.  I’ve stopped wasting time by looking at the sites/profiles, etc. of people I don’t like (hate lurking?).  By default I’m now a better person.

I had two things that I wanted to happen before returning to work.  I wanted my baby to smile at me, and I wanted to have time to cook something.  Both things happened.  She smiles all the time, and probably laughs, too (I guess — the baby version of most things is different from what I had expected).  And I have cooked a lot.  Richard has made several fancy holiday meals, and I’ve made time with some back issues of Everyday Food* and Mark Bittman’s “Kitchen Express.”  I love the paragraph/loose directions format for his cookbook.  My one flaw is my inability to read a recipe before beginning to cook.  With his style I not only read the text but because it’s all estimates and up-to-yous it’s hard to mess up (or know that you messed up).  It’s just my speed.  I’ve made some good soups from it.

Also, my New Year’s resolution is to learn how to properly use commas.  During late nights with the baby I read through older entries of Burgerphone and clearly, I, don’t, remember how to use commas.  Commas and recipes!  I have two flaws.

*I got the December issue of Everyday Food a few weeks after getting the Jan/Feb “light” issue.  Going from broiled and steamed low-calorie dinners to pancakes stuffed with bacon was such a shock that it made my eyeballs gain weight.