Inspired by Young House Love’s* photo project with their daughter, I thought it would be neat to also take a weekly photo of our baby.  For the first 10 weeks it was fine, especially since she was actually bigger from one week to the next.  Now it’s more of a chore.  I mean, I’m taking photos of her all the time, but organizing the photos is a different story.  I have to upload them and sit by a calendar and check the dates on the camera to even know how many weeks she is in the photos.  After 52 weeks I suppose I have to make some fancy collection like a photo book.

This is one of the many things about parenting that I think about way too much — how many photos are enough?  I can take 30 photos of her in one pose and it’s great at the time, but then I end up deleting or not uploading a lot of them, and I feel bad making that choice to erase that image of my child forever (although there are dozens of equal photos, basically).  When she’s 20 I’m not going to think “I’m so glad I have 4,000 photos of her from the first year of her life,” when most of us have one album’s worth from our entire childhood (with the exception of my associate, who I think only has one baby photo and I have lost it/possibly thrown it away on accident after it was used at our baby shower).

I love looking at photos and videos of the baby, though it was probably stupid of me to edit them right in front of her while she was eating and I had to  ignore her for a few seconds every minute to look at an image of her (quality time, everyone!).  I definitely stop before I grab the camera and wonder if capturing the moment is more important than enjoying the moment.

It’s said that the subsequent children aren’t photographed as much and I can already tell that will be the case.  In fact, that’s a consolation to me that I won’t have to make that effort to take a photo of Baby #2’s every milestone. I will have already learned that having a camera in hand doesn’t always matter.  So, to my future babies: I will probably love you as much as Baby #1.  All of your baby photos will have your big sister and at least 1 dog in them.  Don’t take it personally.  We’ll make it up to you some other way.

In other news, my associate had a birthday recently.  For the first time since we’ve been together we didn’t make an event of the other’s birthday (like invite friends out/over to do anything).  He still got some presents and the Moon Bounce all to himself.  He also got a clown cone from Baskin Robbin’s since someone didn’t feel like making a cake because we’ve recently gotten diabetes from the chocolate chip cookie dough-stuffed sugar cookies that I made for Father’s Day.  Grown up, no-fuss birthdays are nice.  Maybe we’ll just go for group parties for the birthdays that involve Over the Hill/grim reaper decorations.  We’re getting there.

*I’m going to let you do the work to find their photo collection.  It seems weird for me to link directly to a year of photos of a stranger’s baby.