I’ve always been irritated by places touting craftsmanship from other places.  It seems like an insult to where you are.  Specifically, the whole “New York does everything better” claim is one thing, but it’s annoying when a place like where I live advertises NY-style food as if our own food isn’t good enough.

Since it’s a giant city that is the drop off point for other countries and has a big enough population for an Ikea, NYC can probably claim the best things.  I don’t know personally.  The bulk of my NY experiences have been 24-hour trips with my family where my dad would spend the day at an optical convention and the rest of us would go to Times Square, and we’d all eat someplace like the Hard Rock Cafe.  With the exception of some good meals last summer during our Brooklyn visit, I had never experienced the best of New York-style anything other than what places out of the city claim.  New York bagels, New York Pizza, New York Yankees, New York Philly Cheese steaks — foodwise, it’s probably not so much a New York-style but Old World recipes that were adapted by people who ended up in New York.

These feelings come from a place of bitterness because I have lived in Richmond all of my life and the only thing we do better that any other city is generate “best of” lists in local publications.  We’re a city that needs constant attention from ourselves, where as a city like New York needs attention from everyone else.  Where are some cities we can live one day that are modest but interesting and will only tell you where the best place for brunch is when asked?

VA State Fair NY-Style Pizza

p.s – wait, are there other cities in the US where 90% of local restaurants serve macaroni and cheese?  M&C as a side dish on every other menu might be a Richmond thing, too.  Maybe I should have my own travel show where I go to other mid-sized cities and see if those cities also have the same 10 musicians/restaurants/bloggers that pop up all the time in local news.  Do other cities have Internet celebrities?  Oh, Richmond.

p.p.s – my associate made NY-style pizza that had the best sauce ever and was best on other accounts, too.  That’s what had me thinking of this.  I don’t know why I’m fighting that NY is home to delicious pizza.