August 2011

I am on the finishing hours of a 4-day weekend, and it has been very nice.  I spent some great time with my child & co-parent.  For all working parents who miss their kids a little, I urge you to take long weekends if you don’t already.  I definitely feel like we love each other two days more than we would have if I was at work on Thursday & Friday.

Other good things happened: saw old pals, met new babies (well, just one, but I sat near a pregnant woman, so I guess that counts as a new baby, too), cooked/ate, watched not that much “Friday Night Lights,” and saw a crazy, crazy bug on the side of a building.  It had the body of a moth and the head of the end of the world.  I didn’t have my camera telephone or I would have Twittered it to cyberspace.

Here’s an itemization of my life these days, as requested by no one.


I made moon pies.  Making marshmallow was pretty cool, but I only recommend making it yourself if you want to tell people you made your own marshmallow but don’t want to lie about it.  I was pretty grumpy about the amount of time I spent making these, but I would probably make them again but use marshmallow creme and add an egg to the cookie part. I also made zucchini brownies (in cupcake form) which were delicious and I ate about 100 of them, but they were made with applesauce and whole wheat flour and vegetables, so it’s okay.  I also made carrot cake for the first time.  It was incredibly easy and also great, and possibly the only vegetable I ate that week.   Please note that this all happened in the last month.  I don’t have the steam to make three big desserts in one weekend.

I still enjoy cooking and sometimes enjoy baking, but it does take up a lot of time that I can be spending on home improvement projects (just kidding — watching TV and playing with the baby).  My love for making things from scratch is slowly being taken over by love for dropping a jar of salsa on something and calling it a day.

A mooned-pie


Like many people in this world, I am also watching “Friday Night Lights,” (we’re in the middle of season 4).  Jason Katims (one of the producers/writers) also does “Parenthood,” and wrote for “My So-Called Life,”  which are good to great shows.  FNL is filled with tired TV tropes, but what makes it most enjoyable is the character development.  I have had some “what would Tami Taylor do?”* moments lately when I have needed some strength, and I love how the Taylors treat people, especially the way they talk to their daughter (I’m taking notes).   Also, “Riggins” has become an all-purpose word here.  He’s something special.  And little Matty Saracen has definitely been my favorite non-Taylor character.  I think I cry during every episode.  And have definitely been guilty of reading FNL fan fiction (but over someone’s shoulder).

Also, of the few podcasts that I listen to regularly, “Who Charted” has become my favorite.  I wasn’t familiar with Howard & Kulap before (though Howard was on that show “Austin Stories” on MTV years ago that I remember liking) but they are so delightful. When I listen to it at the gym I laugh so hard and feel like I might pull a muscle if I tried not to.  Maybe it makes me run faster?  Do yourself a favor and at least listen to the Bob Odenkirk episode from a few week’s ago.

In summation, I have had a good summer but look forward to the adventures to come during this school year.  Texas Forever.


*other than say “y’all”

First words are tricky.  Do we count the sounds she makes that sound like words, or the words she says that appear to have meaning when she says them?  Because my baby keeps referring to things as being “ironic,” but I think she’s using it incorrectly so I’m not going to count it as her first word.

Oh, just kidding.  Word round town is that the “no” sound she makes in response to everything is actually her saying the word “no.”

a baby, possibly mine.



I bought my umpteenth bottle of Mexican Coke this weekend and I wondered if I would actually be able to tell the difference between it and American Coke in a taste test (answer: probably), but then I wondered, is Mexican Coke marketed to people like me who would pay 30% more to drink Grass-fed or Organic Coke but it doesn’t exist so instead we drink Mexican Coke? Am I being marketed to?  Every time I pay $2 for it I feel like I’m being played for a fool.  Ugh, it is so much better, though.


I found this video after listening to the new solo Noel Gallagher (zzz).  This looks & sounds like something that would be manufactured by someone who was trying to get my attention because it’s the exact formula for a song I would like.  I half expected a very important message with ransom instructions or the video from “the Ring” to follow.  Because people hate me and know that my weakness is Brit Pop.