I am on the finishing hours of a 4-day weekend, and it has been very nice.  I spent some great time with my child & co-parent.  For all working parents who miss their kids a little, I urge you to take long weekends if you don’t already.  I definitely feel like we love each other two days more than we would have if I was at work on Thursday & Friday.

Other good things happened: saw old pals, met new babies (well, just one, but I sat near a pregnant woman, so I guess that counts as a new baby, too), cooked/ate, watched not that much “Friday Night Lights,” and saw a crazy, crazy bug on the side of a building.  It had the body of a moth and the head of the end of the world.  I didn’t have my camera telephone or I would have Twittered it to cyberspace.

Here’s an itemization of my life these days, as requested by no one.


I made moon pies.  Making marshmallow was pretty cool, but I only recommend making it yourself if you want to tell people you made your own marshmallow but don’t want to lie about it.  I was pretty grumpy about the amount of time I spent making these, but I would probably make them again but use marshmallow creme and add an egg to the cookie part. I also made zucchini brownies (in cupcake form) which were delicious and I ate about 100 of them, but they were made with applesauce and whole wheat flour and vegetables, so it’s okay.  I also made carrot cake for the first time.  It was incredibly easy and also great, and possibly the only vegetable I ate that week.   Please note that this all happened in the last month.  I don’t have the steam to make three big desserts in one weekend.

I still enjoy cooking and sometimes enjoy baking, but it does take up a lot of time that I can be spending on home improvement projects (just kidding — watching TV and playing with the baby).  My love for making things from scratch is slowly being taken over by love for dropping a jar of salsa on something and calling it a day.

A mooned-pie


Like many people in this world, I am also watching “Friday Night Lights,” (we’re in the middle of season 4).  Jason Katims (one of the producers/writers) also does “Parenthood,” and wrote for “My So-Called Life,”  which are good to great shows.  FNL is filled with tired TV tropes, but what makes it most enjoyable is the character development.  I have had some “what would Tami Taylor do?”* moments lately when I have needed some strength, and I love how the Taylors treat people, especially the way they talk to their daughter (I’m taking notes).   Also, “Riggins” has become an all-purpose word here.  He’s something special.  And little Matty Saracen has definitely been my favorite non-Taylor character.  I think I cry during every episode.  And have definitely been guilty of reading FNL fan fiction (but over someone’s shoulder).

Also, of the few podcasts that I listen to regularly, “Who Charted” has become my favorite.  I wasn’t familiar with Howard & Kulap before (though Howard was on that show “Austin Stories” on MTV years ago that I remember liking) but they are so delightful. When I listen to it at the gym I laugh so hard and feel like I might pull a muscle if I tried not to.  Maybe it makes me run faster?  Do yourself a favor and at least listen to the Bob Odenkirk episode from a few week’s ago.

In summation, I have had a good summer but look forward to the adventures to come during this school year.  Texas Forever.


*other than say “y’all”