Me (now): Kelly, it’s Kelly.
Me (then): Ugh, time travel.
MN: I know, right? It’s a thing. I won’t touch anything.
MT: What is the future like? That Spice Girls’ video about the future?
MN: I think that was supposed to be like “Blade Runner,”  but you don’t know that yet.  And, no. It’s like the same, but everything is done on tiny personal phones. Phones are computers. And “The Simpsons” is still on.
MT: So cool.
MN: I guess. But, hey. What if I told you that all of those VHS tapes of music videos and TV shows that you’ve been collecting and recording are useless? You know the Internet?
MT: Prodigy? Our dad is mad at us because we had 30 minutes free and accidentally went over our time by 14 hours.
MN: Jesus, you own a clock. He should still be mad at that.  Anyway, “The State,” which you loved so much and convinced your parents to get cable so that you could watch it only to see it go off the air, is on DVD AND you can watch it on your TV two ways through the Internet.
MN: It’s right there. Also, you won’t watch it that much. And, you can watch Saturday Night Live on Sunday night, or whenever you want.
MT: Kick ass!  Should I stop taping everything?
MN: Don’t do anything different. You meet your husband at a VHS shooting range.
MT:  Do I publish a novel before I’m 25?
MN: Aww, that’s cute.  I forgot about that. No. And you don’t write for Rolling Stone.
MT: But “the State” thing sounds cool.  Do I live in New York City or London with the Internet TV?
MN:  You actually buy a house in the same zip code you lived in where you grew up. Emotionally, just put all your hoping eggs in the TV basket. Oh, and Jack Kelly from “Newsies” is a big star. And you have a super adorable baby. And don’t buy all that Star Wars crap when the prequel comes out. And Liam might be your favorite Gallagher brother.
MN: Ok, I’m out.