This year is my fourth year with a garden.  Since we’ve had the house our backyard has gone through many changes.  Two years ago I posted about some hard work my mom and I did in the garden after we had a fancy fence installed.  I want to cry thinking about what it looks like now.   It’s overgrown with some weird, grassy weed.  The lattice that we nailed to our six-foot privacy fence — our umpteenth attempt at keeping the dog from scaling it — fell down in the storm last August, but it being half-off is the only thing keeping Bunk from jumping that part of the fence.  And one of our benches exploded or something, and all of the parts are lying around.  If our neighbor had a mind to hate us, our backyard would definitely be the reason (oh, how can our neighbor see over our fence?  He can’t, we only have 3/4 of our yard privatized) (I don’t want to talk about the fence situation).

And when I do plant a garden I spend a day getting it together and then scramble to find the time to keep it going.   It doesn’t even take that much time, I’m just terrible at time management (for instance — when I have an hour to myself, I get so overwhelmed by the probably dozens of things I can start and/or finish that I just go blank and sit on my bed and play Words with Friends and watch “30 Rock” reruns).  I will keep trying, though.  I like having a garden because, even if it’s not worth the time or money, having one dinner that features one thing I grew is an awesome feeling.  And usually growing things is super easy.  So easy that sometimes I don’t know that it’s happening.

I planted carrots and broccoli in my front yard two years ago last fall, and they never sprouted.  A couple of months ago I noticed what looked like parsley coming up in a few of my pots in the front yard.  I pulled the plant out to see what was going on, and there was a little baby carrot at the end.  Those little bastards didn’t come up but somehow managed to reseed themselves, so today I pulled up a bunch of dinky carrots, two of which will be used:

Tiny carrots look normal next to a baby


I already feel like I have started this gardening season with a win.  This is going to be my year (house-wise).  I’m going to make a raised-bed garden in the backyard to beat the weeds.  I’m going to plant more of the things that did well in previous years.   I’m going to make home improvements, like redo at least one floor in the house or even hang a shelf that we bought before we had a baby.  And then I’m going to buy a tiny tool belt for the baby that holds a little plastic hammer because “awww.” Also, herbs have been started and are sprouting (sprouting not pictured, dinosaur is pictured instead):