American ladies certainly have it better than most, but that doesn’t make it less depressing that Chesapeake Bay oysters could potentially be a more protected species than women in Virginia.  No matter what your stance is on birth control, medical access, or abortion, everyone should be outraged that women and services for women are being manipulated and restricted by local government (at our expense!).  The best practice is to leave it to the person that is physically affected by the decision. So why isn’t everyone outraged?  Why doesn’t everyone consider it unethical to challenge women’s rights?

We live in a society that in our parents’ lifetime has seen such incredible injustices that have been legal and encouraged by the government (remember sterilizing, Virginia?).  Insults to minorities that have been applauded during candidates’ debates and speeches only have me more convinced that if people don’t fight to keep the rights that they have and/or deserve that things could get worse.*  Women are easy targets because (excuse the hyperbole) men love to control women and women love to hate other women.  It bothers me how some people (ahem, Virginia Del. Bob Marshall) are so flip about why people oppose legislation that inserts government into our most personal decisions.

Being able to participate in last week’s silent protest at the General Assembly building and seeing that it made a smidge of an impact (in terms of change, but it got plenty of attention) was a good feeling, but when I feel most depressed this helps me feel like I’m not a alone.

This makes me happier, though. Don’t tell me what to do!

taken by Scott Elmquist for Style Weekly

*Ok, I’m being very broad here and not properly citing examples but my head’s full of dozens of articles and TV clips.  I’m trying to keep things neat and short, but I can get specific if you want a better argument.  It’s also important to note that I think that our dystopian future is, like, next year and it’s hard not to see today’s political players not just in the roles they have today, but how they would have voted on issues in the past and what encampments they will force us into after the rebellions.  That just makes me sound crazy, doesn’t it?  This Op-Ed is more eloquent and is correct to say that frustration about Virginia legislation is a response to all kinds of whackadoo happenings.