I come from a family that has to make fun of EVERYTHING.  It’s in my genes (I still chuckle about something my cousin said during my aunt’s funeral).  We’re just smartasses.  I tried very, very hard not to fall back on that during last weekend’s protest/rally at the state capitol.  It’s outside of my comfort zone to march around and chant things, and my instinct is to get super jokey, despite equality and reproductive rights being things that I care very much about.

But anywhere with 1,000-plus people brings out a lot of absurd and amusing situations.  Here are a few notable things:

– While waiting in line around capitol grounds, we were politely informed that Quiznos was opened by someone who I guess works at Quiznos.

– I overheard a conversation between four women as we walked away from the police showdown about how the person who drove them there was one of the protestors who would not leave the steps.  “Someone should at least get her keys,” one said.

– The scheduling for the event got off course and I’m wasn’t sure what was going on most of the time, but my Associate, Jr. Associate, and I stayed in the protest line and then joined the march around the city.  Hundreds of us marched the streets with signs (or t-shirts that said “Don’t tell me what to do” — thanks CK!) and shouted.  Lots of cars honked at us in unity.  It was cool.  We split up a group of skateboarding teenagers, and the one kid who was separated from the other dudes wore a shirt that said “SUCK MY DICK.”  Ha!  I mean, what are the odds that the day he got the nerve to wear that shirt he would walk right into a women’s rights march?  Kids.

– Toward the end the crowd and the activists in charge got into a weird loop of saying “MIC CHECK.”  Typically shouting “MIC CHECK!” once would then lead into an announcement that would be amplified for all to hear, but in this case it was chanted for a long time as if it was a Latin phrase of empowerment.

– We ran into an old friend of mine who took a picture of me and my family, and as soon as he took the picture a stranger stopped to also take a photo of us.  Wha?  Is Burgerphone that famous?

-After standing in line waiting for the march for about thirty minutes, the guy behind me asked us, “When do these ‘Hunger Games’ tickets go on sale, anyway?”

– Okay, I made that last one up.

This event did remind me of when my associate & I walked around downtown one afternoon and came to the governor’s mansion.  The security guard came toward us and we backed away expecting to be asked to leave, but all he said was we could stay there because we pay for it.

(I wrote this before HB462 was signed into law today.  Obviously I’m disappointed, but I have hope that we will turn things around).