If I could change one thing about myself — and I’m near perfect — I would be a motivated homeowner.  There are dozens of small and big house projects that can be done, but I lack resources (specifically time, skill, interest, probably funds).  I guess I could be the sort of person who has a vision of how the house should be and then sees it through, but I’m not.  As long as our house is still standing it seems more important to ignore it (I call this style “Don’t Tell Me What to DIY”).

I threw a baby shower for my sister last month (side note — I’m going to be an aunt, !!!).  I had a list of house tasks, and the shower was a perfect kick in the pants to get some things done.  While I did a lot of small things, the biggest item was a complete re-haul of our utility room, and possibly kitchen, floor.  It’s just a mess back in the mud room.  It would actually be a better place if it had a mud floor and not cat-business-covered loose vinyl tiles and random storage.  I did make an effort to find fresher tiles but the obvious places didn’t carry them, and it was getting too close to the shower date to finish a project that size.

Just to spruce things up I bought a new trash can for the kitchen.  We had a dingy white plastic one from our apartment, and it was kept shut by placing a toolbox on it because Bunk would root through it otherwise.  We will have had the dog for three years this summer and the baby was starting to walk off with the toolbox, and it just occurred to us that a new trash can was a better solution.  I bought a plastic black trash can.  It really makes the kitchen look better.

So, I am such a bad house-upkeeper than my grand plans for home renovations were satiated by getting a new trash can.

Also, I feel like I should apologize to my constant chum, who dropped serious (for then, and then not serious, and now serious again) money on a stainless steel trash can when we lived together and I didn’t understand the appeal until now.  I GET IT.  I will get one some day.

Anyway, babies.