My 18-month-old daughter loves “Bubble Guppies,” which is a show on Nick Jr. about fish who do stuff and sing about it.  The division of singing labor among the guppies makes it seem a lot like “Glee” (there are two who sing the most, and they compartmentalize the other four), but overall the show is more realistic than “Glee.”  The Guppies cover topics from hailing taxis to the sun being hot.  I don’t have to teach her anything because some merkids have it covered.  Win win!

Jupiter is gassy, Venus is bright

She started to watch this at her sitter’s house, and for a couple of months has been saying “Gubble buppies,” (she says it correctly now), and we thought it was so cute to see how excited she got about it.  It’s still cute, but when one of us is at a computer, she thinks that this means it’s time to watch “Bubble Guppies,” and will demand to watch it, but mostly just demands this from me.  When we’re not on our computers she likes to try prying mine open while saying  “gup, guppies.”  One morning last week I let her watch “Sun, Beautiful Sun,” and I stepped away from the table (we kept our computers on the dining room table, don’t judge me).  I heard the song rewind, and saw her reach over and hit the keypad perfectly to restart the song.  She did it more than once.  This means that my baby is an AV genius, and also, that my computer is covered in peanut butter.

And, dammit, if I don’t have a dozen of their songs stuck in my head most of the time.   They’re so catchy, and I hope that the pop harmonies guarantee that she will love Fountains of Wayne.  This one is my favorite (and that’s why I let her watch it the most):

But on a serious parenting note (and also to explain why the tenses are weird in this post — I wrote most of this last week when I was still pro “LET’S WATCH IT ALL THE TIME” along with her), in order from causing her to associate watching videos with eating, and to cut down on the Bubble Guppy-denial fussiness, I have moved my computer and don’t check it when she’s around.   Unless I want to watch this: