The AV Club recently did a very enjoyable breakdown of every episode of “Freaks and Geeks” with creator/writer Paul Feig.  I love that show.  I watched it during its original run on Saturday nights, and since I was in college at the time I am officially negating claims that I was a party monster back then.  I already plan to make my child watch it in middle school (or earlier) as a primer for how kids are going to act when she’s older.  Reading through the articles though, I realized that there are almost as many years between high school and me as there are between me now and having a child in high school.

I had a similar reaction when I rewatched “My So-Called Life.”  I hadn’t seen most of the episodes since it was originally on, and we started to watch it after we had our baby.  It was just remarkable how I suddenly identified with Patty more than Angela.  I don’t really have a big point to make about all of that, it’s just another reminder that I’m old.   What if when I watch “Freaks and Geeks” again in ten years I most identify with the dead grandma?

I think the Weirs and Chases are good parents, and other than TV shows I’m using Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast interviews as way to see what kinds of parents help make what kinds of kids.  We should make sure we’re more like “Weird” Al’s and Mindy Kaling’s parents, because they are both delightful and successful (and have different sets of parents, obviously).

Also, I am an aunt now.  As the line in my current fave book (Dr. Seuss’s “ABC”) goes: “Hen in a Hat. Hooray Hooray!”