For those of you who don’t live here, Richmond’s food scene is very important to us.*   New restaurants and food trends get a lot of attention, and it seems the newer the restaurant the more locally sourced the menu, to the point that I’m sure in the next six months, let’s say a doula and her artist husband will open a place that uses herbs grown in coffee mugs on the tables and serves all but the fur of a goat that was water-birthed in the kitchen sink (this just in – it’s closed).

When I heard about Burger Bach I was amused how non-local its mission is.  Burger Bach serves beef that is shipped in from New Zealand and I think the fries are cut from potatoes grown at the foot of the Alps.  You could say that the traveling fees are incorporated into the price ($10 for  the cheapest burger, wha?) but it’s worth it.  We have only been once but I really liked it.  I ordered my burger with American cheese, and I felt really self conscious about that (I will stand up for American cheese, though, because it melts really well and it’s AMERICAN).  The cheese, mustard, and ketchup combination reminded me of the burgers of my youth, like McDonalds and Fuddruckers, that I know now aren’t good.  It was basically the delicious version of those.  I liked the fries and dipping sauces, the burgers come with salad (yay), and the atmosphere works well for parents with a mostly well-behaved toddler (meaning it’s loud enough that people probably don’t notice her and the booth is big enough for her to move around).

I haven’t had my previous favorite burger (Dot’s Back Inn) in years (though the Meat on the Street burger was pretty fantastic, but my associate recreates that at home).  There are so many new places to try that I get anxious that I need to try them all and that keeps me from previously enjoyed meals.  We also have a short window of time for fuss-free meals with our Jr. Associate, which means that eating out isn’t the leisurely activity it used to be.  Although there is a glut of new places to visit, it’s easier to start sticking to the places we already know that are kid-friendly but also good.  I can see now why parents resort to fast food places with Playlands. (Please ask me about “Kid Pit,” which I’m trying to bring into public spaces to make eating out better for everyone)(it’s basically a padded pit for corralling babies and there’s a prototype for a portable, fence version in the works.  I’ll send my Kickstarter link soon).

More important to me than burgers, Dixie Chicken opened up nearby and makes really good fried chicken for take out.  Even the kid eats it, which is sad because I don’t want to share but I guess good because I don’t have to cook anything else for her.

Food pouches have been great for eating out, but I’m sure they’re probably terrible

*Although I enjoy eating out and reading about restaurants, I’m not sure why we should be as informed as we are about food trucks.