I have zero interest in going on a cruise.  At least not until I’m old and the only thing left on my life’s to-do list is to go whale watching, then I’m going on one of those boring Alaskan ones and I’ll die in my cabin after spotting a sufficient number of whales.

I recently found out about a “Saw”-themed cruise and about bands from Weezer to 311 having their own cruises.  It’s a weird niche-market thing and has led me to wonder what kind of subject/artist could I love so much that I would want to be stuck on a boat with that idea for most of the week.

Those things are:

Fried chicken

David Wain-directed movies

The new Fiona Apple album

The “Flirt” fit Old Navy pants

Trader Joe’s.



I would probably find out about those cruises after they happened, though. Will wait for whales and death. Also have not seen a “Saw” movie, but I hope that little guy bikes into every room at night with margaritas.  That’s what the movies are about, right?